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Managing your input to get the maximum output

Energy efficiency for your business future

We provide a completely bespoke energy management service for you and your company to ensure you are operating at your best potential, across all areas of the company - including some areas you might not have know you are able to be a lot more cost-effective.

Our 360˙ approach ensures you are creating the best possible environment in which to operate - low cost energy and the reduction of the kWh’s you use - with the knowledge that it is economically sustainable and good for the environment as a whole.

We often save our clients up to 20% in operating costs by taking an analytic and strategic approach to energy management, ultimately future-proofing your business and your service delivery.

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We create it, measure it, use it, renew it. PEM provides a 360˙ analysis of your energy consumption, efficiency and management, refining this for your business to operate at your greatest potential.

Optimising the energy in your business is how we do it? We look at four main areas to ensure there is little waste and maximum input:


Sourcing the best energy provider for your energy consumption with the best rate for you.


The most appropriate contract for your business; standard, green energy, a blend. Whatever is right for your business.


Ensuring your business is completely energy efficient and sustainable for the future.


Operate at your maximum potential whilst being the most cost-effective in energy use.

The Powerhouse Energy Management difference

Our focused four-stage process:


We complete a 360˙ health check of your business and identify areas of waste


We plan for your energetic future, either by project or for the business as a whole


We undertake energy efficiency procedures at identified zones for improvement, all with performance monitors and guarantees


We ensure you are getting the best return on your investment at regular intervals

PowerHouse: bringing you savings

With all of our determination to ensure you have the best energy efficiency, the savings will be in direct proportion on what measures has been rolled out previously, the type of business and industry you operate in and of course, your own expectations.

To ensure the successful adoption and implementation of our four-stage process, we also offer:

  • Monitoring
  • Mentoring
  • Retrofits
  • Power Management
  • Control