DSU Grid Scheme

Demand Response Explained

Why is Demand Response Needed?

Ireland is facing a reduction in electricity generation as old plants shut and new ones are slow to start up.

To ensure the network has sufficient supply to meet demand the new Demand Side Units and Demand Response scheme has been set up which allows large energy consumers in Northern and Southern Ireland to earn revenue by having the ability to temporarily reduce their electricity demand on the Grid.

This reduction of electricity consumption avoids the need to build new or use existing polluting, "peaking" power plants and helps keep the world a cleaner, more greener place.

Energy Plan Is 'Good For Britain'

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Demand Response - The Details!

Demand response describes the opportunity for businesses to play a key role in the operation of the electricity Grid by reducing or delaying their electricity usage when required.

In both the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland the national grid operators (EirGrid and SONI) allow eligible demand response sites to earn guaranteed capacity payments for their electricity reduction capabilities.

To earn the associated capacity payments, eligible participants must sign up with a Demand Side Unit (DSU) which is licensed by the Energy Regulator and operates under contract with the Grid.

PowerHouse is a licensed Demand Response Aggregator for DSU for the whole of Ireland which allows us to trade your demand reduction availability and your generating capacity in the Single Electricity Market (SEM).

DSU Grid System Diagram

By joining one of PowerHouse's DSU programmes businesses are paid for their ability to reduce their electricity demand on the Grid. Payments are made per kilowatt hour of electricity made available and PowerHouse offer FREE tailor-made solutions to establish how each organisation can benefit financially from their ability to reduce demand.

One of our clients is set to earn over €200,000 during the next 12 months. Can you ?

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